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Where is Christ in Christmas

QUESTION: Where is Christ in Christmas?

ANSWER: Learn about the sanitization of the celebration surrounding Christmas. How does it relate with separation of church and state?

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The question, "Where is Christ in Christmas?" or the common statement "Let's put Christ back into Christmas," begs the following questions. Who is keeping Christ out of Christmas or who has removed Christ from Christmas and why? Consider our outrage and shock if trends in our culture made the following similar questions relevant.
  • Who took the pay out of payday?
  • Who took mom out of mother's day?
  • Who took veterans out of veteran's day?
  • Who is preventing me from including my son in his public birthday celebration?
One reason that outrage among Christians and Christian churches has been minimal is that they have bought into false "separation of church and state" arguments that are being pushed by the ACLU and implemented into law by unelected activist judges that are forcing their religious worldviews upon us. Another reason that the censorship campaign to strip Christ from Christmas and eliminate even the word "Christmas" from public settings, speech, etc. is effective is the threat of lawsuits by the ACLU.

This campaign has been very effective. Go to any public school Christmas concert and you will notice the absence of traditional carols that relate to the real meaning of Christmas. Examples of extreme censorship of traditional Christmas displays, writings, symbols, and spoken words in our public schools are legion. David Limbaugh wrote a book titled, "Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War against Christianity" which detailed numerous examples of Christmas and broader censorship. Outside the mainstream press, numerous examples of extreme censorship are being discussed. Some examples are as follows:
  • Preventing a California teacher from teaching the Declaration of Independence
  • A teacher discontinuing all Christmas celebrations and substituting a celebration of Kwanzaa, the worship of ancestors
  • A Pennsylvania principle telling a high school teacher that he could not include Christmas music in the annual Christmas concert
  • A Texas first grader being informed that he could not mention Jesus during a class discussion on the origins of Christmas
  • Student members of the Columbia High School brass ensemble in Maplewood, NJ being told that they could not play any Christmas-related songs, not even instrumental versions
Christianity is being treated like a deadly virus and the name of Jesus is being treated like a vulgar word. The diminutive assault on Christmas and its real meaning started with dilutions and diversions. It continued with substitutions and now includes the censorship discussed above. In addition to the commercialization of Christmas other factors that take away the real meaning of Christmas include the Santatization Fanticization, and Sanitization of Christmas.

We all like to fantasize about things. Stories like The Grinch that Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman are fantasies that we all love. These fantasies in themselves are not a problem. However, when the result of all of these fantasies take Christ out of Christmas or change the celebration of the birthday of the historic Jesus Christ, the Creator/God, that became flesh to save us from the consequences of our sins in order to a celebration of fantasies, it is a tragedy.

In June 1961, in a case called Torcaso v. Watkins, the U.S. Supreme Court stated, "Among religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism and others." The Supreme Court declared Secular Humanism to be a religion. Secular humanism is a religion with values exactly opposite to that of the Christian doctrinal religion. The bigoted, intolerant, oppressive ACLU is the epitome of the historic Anglican Church of England and what the establishment clause in our constitution was intended to prevent. It is so ironic that the ACLU is doing this horrible injustice of stamping out the tolerant, non-organizational doctrinal religion upon which our country was founded, and which a high percentage of its citizens still profess, under the guise of protecting our rights. This is a perfect example of the biblical reference to men that call good evil and evil good!

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