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Roman gods and goddesses

QUESTION: What were the names of some Roman gods and goddesses?


Roman gods and goddesses are a combination or blend of several religious influences of the day. The Romans were a very superstitious culture who hosted festivals and celebrations in order to worship their gods.

There are 179 Roman gods and goddesses mentioned on most lists and many are fairly minor. I have selected 3 to detail.

Ops means "plenty" and she was known as a fertility and earth goddess. Occasionally, she is referred to as Opis. She was the wife of Saturn. Her famous temple was located in the Captiolium.

Janus is the god of doors, beginnings, endings, and doorways and often called the custodian of the universe. January is named after him. He was worshipped at planting and harvest times, as well as occasions of other beginnings, like a marriage. The gates of his temple were open during war and closed during times of peace.

Quirinus was know as a god of mystery. He became a high god of the state and embodied the military strength of Rome.

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