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Mayan death god

QUESTION: Mayan death god - How can the Mayan death god, Au-Puch, be avoided?


Mayas were much more fearful of death than other Mesoamerican cultures. This Lord of Death, nicknamed “The Flatulent One,” used Muan, the evil bird of bad tidings, as his messenger. Legend states if an owl screeches, someone nearby dies. Mayas greatly feared this Ruler of disaster, destruction, as well as the lowest level of the Underworld. Ah Puch was envisioned as a hunting figure that stalked the houses of people who were injured or sick. Mayans typically engaged in extreme, even loud mourning after the death of loved ones. It was believed that the loud wailing would scare Ah Puch away and prevent him from taking any more with him.

Although widely thought to be ruthless and cunning, the Mayan gods of death could be outwitted and defeated. There was only one way to escape Au-Puch: Howl! Shriek! Moan! Scream! If you sounded utterly convincing, he may assume you are already being tortured by some of his lesser demons. He will then stop outside your door to sigh, “Ah...” and pass by with a grim smile.

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