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George Washington as a Military Leader

QUESTION: George Washington as a military leader – What shaped his service?


George Washington, as a military leader, was shaped in part by his upbringing. George Washington spent many days in his youthful years working as a surveyor for Lord Fairfax of England in what is now the State of Virginia. This experience gave him an understanding of the land he would later fight on as a soldier for and against the British. Washington fought in two famous wars of the 1700’s. The first he fought for the British as a Lt. Colonel and later as the Commander of all Virginian troops in the French and Indian war. The second was the Revolutionary War in which he fought as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army; what would eventually be the army of the great United States of America.

During the French and Indian War, Washington wrote a letter to his mother after a great defeat which not only killed or wounded the bulk of the British soldiers that participated but also killed his General, Edward Braddock. In this letter Washington explained that two horses were shot from beneath him and that he had four bullet holes in his coat. There seemed to be a spiritual covering over Washington throughout his soldiering and political career. His wisdom was unmatched by his peers and all who encountered him respected his presence and decision making.

There are few on this planet who can say that men would risk their life to fight for them and their view of currant affairs. George Washington was one of the few. His convictions on God and his hope for a free nation empowered Washington to influence those around him in a powerful way. His influence was so powerful that all who caught a glimpse of his vision sparked into flame their own passion and desire to stand for freedom, both politically and religiously, and to fight against the tyranny that opposed that passion and desire. The greatest part was that he not only voiced this influence, he lived it and exemplified it through his actions.

He was just a man, but he lived with purpose, passion, conviction, bravery, and a humble submission to one higher than himself. He encompassed the ingredients of a true leader and those who chose to follow him consumed all he had to offer.

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